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About Me

I Teach.

I’ve taught at the collegiate level for over five years. At Canisius College, I currently teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Education. These courses include Technology in Education, Teaching Technology for Health Leaders, and Adult Learning Theory.


Visiting castles in Ireland, watching the Military Tattoo in Scotland, drinking tea in Wales, seeing the change of the guard in England, eating tapas in Spain, frolicking the lavender fields in France, visiting the towns of my ancestors in Italy, seeing the town in Austria where Erich Jantsch was born, eating pretzels during Oktoberfest in Germany, or visiting the towns of my other ancestors in Poland – all this excites me. So far, I have traveled to Ireland, Scotland, Spain and the Azores (Portugal).

I just completed my PhD.

I studied innovation in small higher education institutions using a framework developed by Erich Jantsch in 1969. Jantsch passed away before I was born, but I have met many people who knew him through this research process. I am deeply grateful for everyone who has helped thus far in the futures and systems communities.

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