A while back, I was very into open badges. I attended weekly calls with P2PU and Mozilla. I blogged about it (Examples:

I designed a whole workshop on P2PU about the basics of open badges (peer to peer university, which seems to have since changed its focus to learning circles). At one point, I was working with Peter Rawsthorne to develop a whole School of Badges on P2PU.

I haven’t given up on them, my Ph.D. research has just taken over as my main interest. I still believe badges are a great option for crediting informal learning and for people to track their lifelong learning. I have my own office distributing badges through Credly to employees who attend our professional development offerings. This year, alone, we have distributed over 75 badges (with only two office employees!). Don’t think that my college is that advanced; I am definitely building the cart before the horse when it comes to HR recognizing this credit and building in a space for it on employee end-of-year evaluations.

Well, today I want to share with you another great opportunity for learning about open badges if you are interested in using them in your own office or company. Doug Belshaw, an individual who has been involved with the open badges project since their beginning, just launched a Badge Bootcamp– a super-cool email course. I love email courses because my inbox is my checklist. Email courses remind me to complete the tasks and delete the emails when I am finished. Doug knows more about badges than anyone, so I know this course is going to be awesome. The course is also free, so try it out if you are interested.

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