A German company called Coodo has designed a pop-up home. It can be transported anywhere. Perhaps you want to live on the beach. The next month you want to live on the roof of a big city skyscraper. Just grab your Coodo and go! Coodo is calling this concept ‘mobile living’, but the ‘Coodo’ isn’t just for housing, it can also be for mobile offices, pop-up businesses, or rentable apartments. A smart home system is installed allowing you to turn off the lights or open the shades with your phone. If you need more space, you can connect multiple modules together. Of course, each Coodo is built with energy-efficient systems and building materials.

Imagine if life could be mobile. Your home could be anywhere and some place else the next day. Your workplace would travel with you because you work remotely. Although it’s a life many of us can’t imagine, it is a life thousands of people live each year. These people are called digital nomads. They work an online job or own an online business. They don’t have a home base; they pick up their slim belongings and travel to a new location every 6 months. If you love to travel, is this such a hard concept to imagine? Most of us spend a half hour commuting to a physical location only to spend most of our work day communicating with others virtually- even those in the same building! Yes, offices are great for meeting around a table for exactly an hour, monitoring slackers who don’t adult well, and for creating an exclusive club environment. But most of us just don’t need them anymore.

Is Coodo the best of both worlds? You are not exactly a digital nomad because you travel with your house, but you can work from any location in the world because you work online. How do you feel about this lifestyle?


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