I have been trying my best trying to balance everything- school, Grad Assistantship, work, and P2PU progress! Well, needless to say, P2PU progress is going a little slower than I’d have hoped.  I will continue to keep truck along- little by little, when I have time. Today I wanted to share with you some of the revisions I have been working on for Open Badges 101.

Task Update on 101

For Open Badges 101, I decided to update the tasks. A few of the tasks became obsolete and I needed a plan to get rid of them. The folks at P2PU suggested that I create a another version of the challenge and archive the current one as 1.0. I felt bad doing that because I know a lot of people are working at their own pace and it is linked via different blogs and Web sites.  So, I decided to make a Google doc with all of the conversations, delete the tasks and post a note in the main forum about it.

Updated Graphics for 101

The one thing I did not feel good about with 101 was that all of the graphics were just randomly selected. I decided to create some custom graphics for the course to make it look a bit professional. I think they are still a bit boring, but are headed in the right direction and can be easily duplicated for the future challenges.

Old graphics:

New graphics:

Updated School of Badges Palette

Secondly, Peter and I discussed the courses needed on his end and decided we needed to move around some of the numbers and add a new course. So the palette had a few more courses added and edited. It currently looks like this:

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