Sustainable Development and Learning Part 5

It is my belief that schools should integrate sustainability in the mission and curriculum of the school or institution. These learning experiences not only impact mindsets, but also the collective mindset of the community. Collectively, mindsets will shift global awareness and the impact on the environment.

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Sustainable Development and Learning Part 3

In their book, “Sustainable Development and Learning”, authors Stephen Gough and William Scott (2003) examine examples of sustainable development curriculum design to illustrate the differences in curriculum approaches.

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5 Resources for Integrating Sustainability in your Class

While trying to meet program goals and course objectives, it is easy to forget that we are preparing future generations who will inherit this planet and the problems past generations have created for them. Sustainability is not just a topic in itself, it is an aspect that can be weaved into every subject area and program. This is a list of some of the best resources on the Web. It was developed for faculty members or faculty developers who wish to introduce the topic of sustainability in their own courses or training programs.

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Reflections on Sustainability for Education

In my current course, Sustainability and Education, we had to start by watching a lecture by Jason Hamilton, who is a professor at Ithaca College. “Meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own... read more

Digital Citizenship (another drafted post from 3 years ago)

I am going through my many drafts for this site as part of my effort to clear out my WordPress dashboard. This is a post from 2011. Let’s see what I think of it now… We have just entered a different kind of digital age. Up until now, most people used the Web to... read more