Living in a State with Free College Tuition

Last month, New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced his plan for tuition-free college in our state college systems, State University of New York (SUNY) and City University of New York (CUNY). While many were caught by surprise by this announcement, those who... read more

2 Technology Trends from the Jesuit Schools

I attended the AJCU CITM Conference in May and heard about two unique trends happening in the Jesuit schools. Web Dev and Maker Movements One trend we have been seeing at my own institution is users wanting to create Web spaces on their own. Our multi-user WordPress... read more

The High Cost of College Branding

A few months ago, the University at Buffalo contacted their alumni because they wanted to share their new branding campaign. As one of these alumni and also as an employee who has taken part in another institution’s branding and rebranding, I was interested. How... read more

Racism and Today’s College Campus

Last week, the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at the University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Patrick Sims, recorded a video [1] expressing his outrage over a letter received by a student under her dorm room door allegedly by another student. He read the note left on... read more

Higher Education Futures

Small private institutions possibly have a more direct purpose than universities. Where universities address the masses in the state and region, small private institutions have a direct connection with their surrounding communities.

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Transformative Sustainability Education

Many have questioned the relevance of the current higher education structure and system. Major points include cost disease, pedagogies that ignore the advancements of the Information Age, and exclusiveness. Arguments continue to emerge with the most recent including the particular argument on whether the current educational banking method of learning actually works against sustainability and sustainable practices.

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What is Futures Thinking?

Unlike any other field of study, futures thinking is a topic that cannot be studied or predicted because the future does not exist yet. It is one of the few fields that is fundamentally inter- and multi-disciplinary. Scholars who focus on the future still reference the efforts of the last few centuries.

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