Thanks so much for joining me for week 18 of my 6 Months to Spain series. I started the Learn in Your Car Spanish Series last week. The first disc has disappeared, so I had to start on the second disc. I’ve gotten through about 5 tracks on the second disc. This series is very vocabulary heavy, so it’s been a lot of learning new words, refreshers on words I’ve heard before, and pronunciation checks for me. One thing to note is that this series doesn’t have Web support any more as the company is now defunct.

Web site

I was impressed to find that the BBC has pages dedicated to learning a language like Spanish. Their Spanish pages include an interactive course that you can get a certificate in, various Spanish language games, and videos about the language. You can subscribe to this site in a number of ways, including RSS and Twitter.


The Spanish language has 3 letters NOT in the English alphabet:

  • ch
  • ll
  • Ñ

Hear the alphabet pronunciations.

 Have you found any great learning games or Web sites? Do you have any tips or tricks for learning a new language? 


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