Why is it important to learn something new every day?

It is not enough to be content with what you already know. In order to reach your maximum potential, you must attempt to deepen your understanding of the world around you. Sometimes it can be daunting with all the knowledge there is in the world, so where should you start? Start with the question: “What knowledge will help me move ahead?”

How will learning something new everyday help us in life or in the future?

Success can be defined in many ways, but ideally you must learn more about the things that can help you strike a balance in all the aspects of your life. What knowledge will help you get a job and earn a decent income? What knowledge will help you become more financially secure? What knowledge will help make you an expert? What knowledge will help you feel more at peace with yourself? What knowledge will help you better understand the world around you? Furthermore, are these all ‘just causes’ or are you wasting time learning more about things that inevitably harm you and those around you?

Work on identifying what is holding you back. Why aren’t you happy in your job? Why are you in debt? Why do you feel like a wasted space? Why do you feel your life is in turmoil? Why do you choose to surround yourself with people that don’t really care about you?

How can we learn something new? Do daily activities such as reading, watching tv, etc make us learn something new as well?

DIY learning is about dedicating time each day to finding out more. Informal learning opportunities can happen anywhere and at anytime. Fortunately, you are surrounded by free access to knowledge. You have access to libraries full of books on every topic, radios full of programs, and a World Wide Web of toll-free Internet highways. By next month, you could have learned a language, started an investment portfolio, or opened your own business.

Unfortunately, the abundance of information available can sometimes cloud up your life. You can virtually spend every day reading the news, learning new skills, or interacting with others online. Start by setting goals: rid your life of brings you down, limit the unnecessary information you spend time engaging every day, and fill those holes with knowledge that can help you succeed.

How can we make learning fun as well as a daily routine?

I use a program called Teamly to set quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. This helps me to plan ahead and look forward to learning different things. For example, on my plate this quarter is to touch up on my Spanish. Next quarter: learn how to play the piano. It’s never too late to learn something you’ve always wanted to.

Try using a blog to track what you have learned during the week. This way, others can follow along with your progress and be influenced to set their own learning goals.

Learning something new doesn’t just have to be about you. In order to learn something new everyday, strive to ask questions. Not only will you learn more with less effort, you will find yourself making more connections. And you might also find yourself teaching others.

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What did you learn today? What are your tips for learning something new every day? Why do you think it’s important for adults to keep learning, just as much as children?

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