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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Student, Higher Education Administrator

Welcome! I am currently working on my Ph.D. My focus has shifted from studying just DIY learning to looking at the many disruptions that are affecting higher education today. I still love to discuss DIY and informal learning (such as MOOCs) and alternative forms of credit (such as Open Badges). When I’m not thinking about the future of higher education, you can find me buried in school work or helping to put on TEDxBuffalo.


Read the recent ramblings of a Ph.D. student who is interested in the disruptions affecting higher education today.


Explore some of my most recent projects about informal learning and the future of higher education.

If we are to assess technological development in terms of the quality of life, then it becomes necessary to adopt a systems approach when forecasting and planning technological change. Leadership in the reformulation of science and technology in this light could rest with the universities. They have a unique opportunity to transform their teaching and research facilities, to bring together the various disciplines, and to guide government and industry.

Erich Jantsch, 1969