Welcome! As a Ph.D. candidate, I am looking at the ways in which technology has affected society and how higher education might adapt. Particularly, I am interested in small institutions, the work of Erich Jantsch, and applying systems and futures thinking. I also work as an instructional designer at a Jesuit institution. This is my personal site.

My Recent Posts:

5 Resources for Integrating Sustainability in your Class

While trying to meet program goals and course objectives, it is easy to forget that we are preparing future generations who will inherit this planet and the problems past generations have created for them. Sustainability is not just a topic in itself, it is an aspect that can be weaved into every subject area and program. This is a list of some of the best resources on the Web. It was developed for faculty members or faculty developers who wish to introduce the topic of sustainability in their own courses or training programs.

My Projects:

Erich Jantsch Biography
New Media as a Resource
‘Untainted’ Education’s Role in Basic Human Functional Capabilties
Counting in Pictures

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