I am currently working on my PhD dissertation. It is focused on how small higher education institutions can co-create their futures with their surrounding communities through the creation of systems laboratories and the application of systems, futures and sustainability thinking. I am also an instructional designer at Canisius College focusing on the areas of online learning and the innovative use of technology.

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Racism and Today’s College Campus

Last week, the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at the University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Patrick Sims, recorded a video [1] expressing his outrage over a letter received by a student under her dorm room door allegedly by another student. He read the note left on... read more

Higher Education Futures

Small private institutions possibly have a more direct purpose than universities. Where universities address the masses in the state and region, small private institutions have a direct connection with their surrounding communities.

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Hi, I’m Leah.

Hi, I’m Leah.

I'm a Ph.D. candidate currently working on my dissertation proposal. I'm also tea obsessed, a serial traveler, and a Buffalonian by birth.

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Erich Jantsch Biography

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