Welcome! As a Ph.D. candidate, I am looking at the ways in which technology has affected society and how higher education might adapt. Particularly, I am interested in small institutions, the work of Erich Jantsch, and applying systems and futures thinking. I also work as an instructional designer at a Jesuit institution. This is my personal site.

My Recent Posts:

Higher Education Futures

Small private institutions possibly have a more direct purpose than universities. Where universities address the masses in the state and region, small private institutions have a direct connection with their surrounding communities.

Transformative Sustainability Education

Many have questioned the relevance of the current higher education structure and system. Major points include cost disease, pedagogies that ignore the advancements of the Information Age, and exclusiveness. Arguments continue to emerge with the most recent including the particular argument on whether the current educational banking method of learning actually works against sustainability and sustainable practices.

My Projects:

Erich Jantsch Biography
New Media as a Resource
‘Untainted’ Education’s Role in Basic Human Functional Capabilties
Counting in Pictures

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