My name is Leah MacVie and you have arrived at my creative and documentation space. Welcome! I am currently working on my PhD dissertation, which explores innovation in small higher education institutions using the work of Erich Jantsch. I am also Director of the Center for Online Learning & Innovation at Canisius College, which focuses on the areas of technology in teaching & learning, online learning, and the innovative use of technology.

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We are Still Debating Online Learning

Several studies have come out debating online learning, recently. One major study that gained a lot of (bad) traction is a Stanford study on the ROI of online learning. As it turns out, the study itself seems to be flawed in many ways. When Inside HigherEd promoted... read more

A Free Badge Bootcamp to your Inbox

A while back, I was very into open badges. I attended weekly calls with P2PU and Mozilla. I blogged about it (Examples: Displaying the Badges You’ve Earned on your Blog or Site An Elevator Pitch for Open Badges BadgeStack: A Badge Empowered Learning System... read more

Is this the future of living and working?

A German company called Coodo has designed a pop-up home. It can be transported anywhere. Perhaps you want to live on the beach. The next month you want to live on the roof of a big city skyscraper. Just grab your Coodo and go! Coodo is calling this concept... read more

When our Devices Spy on Us

This past Christmas, I received a Google Home as a gift. Google Home is a “voice activated speaker powered by Google Assistant”. Google Assistant is like the Suri that responds when you start a question or statement with, “OK Google”. So far... read more

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Hi, I’m Leah.

Hi, I’m Leah.

I'm a Ph.D. candidate currently working on my dissertation research study. I'm also tea obsessed, a serial traveler, and a Buffalonian by birth.

Erich Jantsch Biography

Erich Jantsch Biography