My name is Leah MacVie and you have arrived at my creative and documentation space. Welcome! I am currently working on my PhD dissertation, which explores innovation in small higher education institutions using the work of Erich Jantsch. I am also Director of the Center for Online Learning & Innovation at Canisius College, which focuses on the areas of technology in teaching & learning, online learning, and the innovative use of technology.

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2 Technology Trends from the Jesuit Schools

I attended the AJCU CITM Conference in May and heard about two unique trends happening in the Jesuit schools. Web Dev and Maker Movements One trend we have been seeing at my own institution is users wanting to create Web spaces on their own. Our multi-user WordPress... read more

The High Cost of College Branding

A few months ago, the University at Buffalo contacted their alumni because they wanted to share their new branding campaign. As one of these alumni and also as an employee who has taken part in another institution’s branding and rebranding, I was interested. How... read more

Racism and Today’s College Campus

Last week, the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate at the University of Wisconsin‑Madison, Patrick Sims, recorded a video [1] expressing his outrage over a letter received by a student under her dorm room door allegedly by another student. He read the note left on... read more

Missing Perspectives in the State Authorization Conversation

I am compelled this morning to write on a topic that I am having an incredibly hard time with, both personally and professionally. This is the topic of state authorization from the way that I see it and understand it based on my research and reading. Aside from being... read more

Hi, I’m Leah.

Hi, I’m Leah.

I'm a Ph.D. candidate currently working on my dissertation research study. I'm also tea obsessed, a serial traveler, and a Buffalonian by birth.

Erich Jantsch Biography

Erich Jantsch Biography